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Dear Sara,

It only took you 9 hours? Really? It took me 11 hours, 10 pens, 30 paper cuts (4 of which needed bandaids on the spot), an entire season of Arrested Development and half of Twin Peaks to finish signing all those posters (12,000). You are my hero. I obviously under estimated your ability to sign your own name. I do have an extra letter in my name… I guess if you multiply 12,000 x 1 extra letter
it could easily tack on 2 extra hours…? Right? Right? Sara?


Dear Fans of T+S,

Thank you to everyone who bought a deluxe edition of our DVD Get Along! It was worth every
minute and every paper cut. You guys are the BEST! Truly and completely. And if you haven’t
seen Arrested Development or Twin Peaks, do!

Also, if you haven’t preordered our DVD Get Along and you want to….do! It comes out in a week
but the preorder is still happening. You can even preview part of the live concert DVD “For The Most Part” as Stereogum is premiering a clip RIGHT NOW!

Coming soon we’ll be listing stores where you can purchase Get Along and we’ll post a preview of the new shirt designs soon to be available in the online store and some of the screenings as well!

Also, tickets are limited but still available in Calgary, SF and Vancouver FYI at!

Now back to work! Me not you.

-Tegan with 5 letters