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Chinook city!

shoe by shoe
shoe by shoe

Today was our first day of show-shoeing! Calgary is in full Chinook and it was 5 degrees Celsius! Absolutely stunning and sunny and clear. We were quite busy so we settled for the parkade roof next to the jubilee auditorium. It was Tegan’s first attempt at snowshoeing, and in full bategan get-up, she became a full convert! Shaun will film us every day, and I intend on cutting together some sort of short film about our experiences. I was hoping it would be much colder, but I have a feeling as we move east this month we’ll finally catch up to winter.

My dear friend anna asked me to do a blog this month while on tour, and so i proposed a dream diary. check it out here:

thank you sarah bastin!
thank you sarah bastin!

And finally, thanks to sarah bastin for taking tons of great photos at our first show in Vancouver.

Tonight in Calgary was amazing. Thank you hometown. Its been a really special couple of days. So many friends, family, friends-families, and of course thousands of amazing fans. Here is one of my favorite emails after last nights FIRST hometown show:

” i wasn’t and still am not sure who to address this to, but to whom it may concern: tegan, sara, the band and the tour-crew members, tonight was the most amazing experience. ever. i want to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart, thank you. i haven’t danced and sung so hard in ages. if you saw me, i was on the second balcony near the front with my best friend, roaring along with you. woo-woop! i have wanted to see tegan and sara in concert ever since i first heard them. in 2005, when i was 10 years old. i know every lyric of ‘so jealous’ like the back of my hand, (i think) as with ‘the con’ and i am still rehearsing ‘sainthood’ in the hallways at school. i have never had such an outstanding concert experience. i felt like crying, laughing, singing, dancing, waving. and i did. every song made me smile so hard my cheeks are sore. thank you. a fellow music-lover, fan of yours in particular, and calgarian,

sophie wonfor”

it was the perfect thank you, sophie.

good night!