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a brief update from sweden

only wax and red food coloring were injured in the theatrical staging of this butcher shop
only wax and red food coloring were injured in the theatrical staging of this butcher shop ++ photo by LINDSEY BYRNES

Hello friends of the internet + tegan and sara!

This photo was not taken in sweden, where i find myself today, writing this. In fact, it was taken nearly three weeks ago under the blazing sun on the sound lot at universal studios in california. that was the day where we rode virtual reality roller coasters and i wondered aloud about the intelligence of bringing my expensive sunglasses to an amusement park. no one had more fun than tegan. she really hasn’t let go of the prepubescent thrill of wind whipping glee (however manufactured) one experiences on the jurassic park water ride. To top off our wild ride merrymaking we performed on conan o’brien as a celebration of a successful release week bonanza!

merrymaking on the inside?
merrymaking on the inside?++photo by LINDSEY BYRNES

Let me first say, thank you to both LA and New York for four tremendous warm up shows at the end of October. At two hours a night, you were patient and excited and supportive of the new music and the long rambling apocalyptic monologues like only bad ass hard core loyal fan/humans could be. i kid you not, i shed a few tears post release week, reflecting on how damn lucky we are to have you. sold out shows, cds and music flying off the shelves and er…the itunes download section…we’re blessed. so thank you.

We’re now across the ocean in europe, specifically today, in sweden. the sun seems to be always disappearing and today was the first of what will likely be many NO SHOWER days. starts to feel like backpacking through thailand with high school best friends post college. i never did that. college or backpacking through thailand…but it seems an appropriate parallel could be made. just based on my friends facebook photos of their trips living it up rustic styles.

The shows have been fun thus far, and our first installment of REFLECTIONS, our new web tv show will air tomorrow! keep your eyes peeled! what a terrifying saying!

More thoughts soon,