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Artists Against Anti-Trans Legislation in Canada

Today on #TransgenderDayofVisibility, the Tegan and Sara Foundation announces an Open Letter: Artists Against Anti-Trans Legislation in Canada. For those outside of Canada, the country is often seen as a human rights haven. However, the reality is that Canada is not immune to the global attack on the trans community and their access to inclusive spaces, healthcare and freedoms.

More than 400 artists living in or hailing from Canada signed this letter to draw attention to the concerning rise of anti-trans legislation in the country, including proposed bans on inclusive healthcare for trans youth in Alberta, and infringement on the freedoms of gender-diverse youth to use their chosen names and pronouns at school without parental consent in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.

The anti-trans policies taking root in Canada go beyond discrimination – they present a clear risk to the mental and physical well-being of trans individuals throughout the country. The undersigned artists stand against these alarming and destructive policies, and call on our communities and local and national policymakers to put a stop to this concerning surge in anti-trans policy.

Read the full letter and view all signatures at