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birds of prey

about to be someone's dinner
about to be someone's dinner

Dear Friends,

Its our day off! But we still wanted to post something for you. So as we were
leaving the studio tonight (Saturday) I put together this post.
We had a late night brainstorm session to come up with an album title and
here were the names Howard, Chris, Emy, Lindsey, Sara and I came up
with: (I’ll leave who actually came up with what to your imaginations)

1. Nancy Piaggione
2. Head Phones On A Pole
3. Burning the Midnight Owl
4. Green Lamp Shade Overhead
5. This is Not a Game of I Spy
6. Crantanamous
7. Pixels
8. Burning the Midnight Owl
9. Fish Lips
10. Lids
11. Lidless
12. Inappropriate Touching

At this point I got upset, canceled the brainstorm session and sent everyone
home. It was pointless anyway as we already know the title. Oh yeah. That’s right. We’re
now officially holding out on you.

Happy Sunday,

Your friend, Tegan

jail bait
jail bait