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Caption Contest Winners!



First things first! You’re an exceptionally funny and creative bunch. You DEFINITELY made us laugh a lot with the caption contest. Because we said we would pick a Top 5 we have done so. But know that you are all winners in our hearts.

Top 5

I thought we said we’d never let a pussy get between us
-Luke Irwin

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
@mj_starchilde on twitter

Day 147: I figured out my human has a twin. I thought all humans looked the same.
@forublue2611 on instagram

I feel like she’s coming between us
-Stacy Reader

Tegan and Sara find themselves once again the only customers in their cat cafe.
-Liisa Ingimundson

And the Grand Prize Winner whose caption we’ll be printing on a shirt!

Can these humans stop calling me Holiday already? It’s Britney, b***h!
@KarinJayne on twitter

Thanks to all who submitted!

tegan and sara xoxo