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SKQ Reads: Sporting Edition

We were midway through Elementary School when we joined The Royals baseball team. It was a "daddy pitch" league, hardball and co-ed. At that age, seven or eight, we were all still relatively close in size, and in uniform with our mullets brushed back under the brim of our caps, we easily passed for boys. (more…)

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I never meant to hurt you

Dearest Books, Remember when I told you I would never want to read you on a Kobo, Kindle or, iPad? Well, I got my first eReader as an unexpected gift from someone thoughtful. And I thought you deserved to hear it from me first. I told myself I would just download a few light reads or some silly magazines. Just give it a shot, you know? Of course I would still purchase books, especially serious…

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"What are you reading?"

I get asked that question a lot. How often? Sometimes, it's the question I get asked immediately after someone has approached me and said, "Are you who I think you are?". It always makes me excited to talk about books and reading with people. But I always feel panicked about WHAT book to recommend. Sometimes my mind goes completely blank- as if I've never read a page of anything in my life. SO, I've decided…

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