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Composing Women

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is score a film. This year I was given that opportunity by Clea Duvall for her directorial debut Intervention and it was truly an exciting and rewarding experience. While at Sundance Film Festival with the film I attended a brunch for women composers. It was a lovely event but I haven’t stopped thinking about the statistic that only 2% of film is composed by women. When I think about how that number breaks down further (WOC, trans women, queer women) I feel totally shocked. But not surprised. It is a complex and relevant topic given what is going on in our world with regards to racism, sexism, transphobia… however… I was very inspired by the suggestion that we as women also have to do more to advocate for ourselves by putting ourselves up for jobs and work and demanding to be included. My instinct is often to say no when asked to do something I’ve never done before. Even after all these years I still feel very insecure about my abilities. I’m going to try to change that but I also wanted to acknowledge that I feel grateful for the opportunity and and will continue to advocate for women in technical positions behind the scenes who have to fight so damn hard to get in the door! I see you and hopefully we will hear more music composed by women in television and film in the coming years! Here is one of my favorite scores composed by the rad Mica Levi, and a playlist on Spotify with some of my other favorites .


Under The Skin