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dispatches from edmonton!

another day another shoe
another day another shoe

Thanks to all the amazing fans in Edmonton! Show #2 about to start…can’t wait!

Its been warm but not warm enough to melt the piles of fresh powder in the parks. Shot another great snowshoe with Tegan and Shaun today!

tegan, park ranger
tegan, park ranger

Second Dream Blog is up:


And finally, please to those of you who are waiting for hours in the parking lot after the show…for a number of reasons, the main one being safety, we’d love it if you didn’t. I realize that in the past we would sign autographs after the shows but so many things have changed and we don’t feel it is safe! We have had our band and crew and the security at the shows let all of you know this (repeatedly), but I know based on the crowds that very few of you are taking their message seriously!

Please understand we adore all of you and are grateful for the support! By the time we do leave the building it is often after 1 am and very unsafe for any of us to be standing in a dark parking lot in the freezing cold!

thank you for your understanding!

skq +trq