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end of summer merch news!


We have some very exciting things planned for the Merch Odyssey in our online store over the next couple months, including your chance to get an autographed item from Sara and I, and the return of something we have been swamped with requests for, BUT FIRST here is what is in store for this month!

1. We have a few extra posters remaining from our run of dates in Alberta. They are limited edition silk screen posters by Emy Storey and even though we’re not wearing bathing suits on the poster, the old timey guys around us are. Which is pretty awesome.

2. The addition of the silk screen poster means that there are now 6 different posters available in our store! So since it’s “Back To School” time you might want to start thinking about redecorating your room/dorm, locker or the inside of your car (I know people who do that still).

3. Our popular tank tops are all stocked up again, in two different designs! I know summer is almost over, but seriously, tank tops are awesome year round. Duh!

4. And our BEAMS shirt (one of my faves) is 20% off. If you’re wearing the BEAMS shirt and I run into you, I’ll give you extra high fives!