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Exclusive Live Track for Japan relief!

Now that most of the media attention has turned to other matters in our crazy world, let us not forget that the people of Japan are still needing our aid to recover from the incredibly devastating natural disasters that took place there in March.

We are hoping to do our part as well and have donated an exclusive live track to Download to Donate, who are raising funds for Japan, 100% of which will go to Save the Children and their efforts there.

The song is a previously unreleased live version of Relief Next To Me that was recorded last fall in Vancouver.

The song can be downloaded from For a $10 minimum donation, you can download this song as well as a growing list of songs featuring a wide variety of artists such as Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles, Angels and Airwaves, Surfer Blood, R.E.M. and Talib Kweli.

We also have been holding onto some special little items for a while waiting for the right use, and it’s become clear that this is it. We were inundated with potato shakers from our amazing fans after Tegan mentioned on stage that she lost hers and was missing it. SO, we have two shakers that we both have autographed, and these are going up on EBay today, with 100% of the money raised going to the Red Cross.

Tegan and Sara autographed potato shaker!

Tegan and Sara autographed potato shaker!

Thank you for being not just wonderful fans, but also unbelievably generous and great people. We feel so lucky to have you.

sara (and tegan)