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Faint of Heart Video!

Our next video is… Faint of Heart! This is a very important one for us, and it features some incredible LGBTQ artists that we felt so honored to work with. Director Devon Kirkpatrick put together an amazing group of performers to bring this video to life.

We bonded with Devon about the lack of women in film, the need for more diversity in our industry and the intense desire we had to showcase the LGBTQ community in our work. We are thrilled to be releasing a video that highlights the incredible beauty, strength, creativity and diversity of our LGBTQ community.

We hope this video reaches LGBTQ people and makes them feel realized. We hope a wider audience is able to see the incredible talent and beauty of the LGBTQ community and we hope it reminds people to follow their hearts, to not be consumed with what others might think of them or their love and that it inspires them to make choices that make them happy regardless of their gender or sexuality.



Photo: Lexi Bonin