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Goodbye, Goodbye and Closer: Dog Edition Video Premieres!


We are thrilled to announce the premiere of our newest video, for Goodbye, Goodbye – directed by Natalie Rae Robison!

I wanted a video that captured the blur of communication that often leaves us feeling disconnected and isolated from each other. So many miscommunications, so little time!

Over the past 15 years, I have experienced deep connections with people through the exchange of emails and texts, only to discover later that a false sense of intimacy can leave a relationship wildly out of balance when you’re finally face to face. Of course there is a ton of motivation to correct the equilibrium when you’re getting into a relationship, but it is far more challenging and frustrating when you’re getting out of one! Falling in love is easy, breaking up is hard.

Goodbye, Goodbye is a sound off about rejection and the empowerment of shutting someone out after a break-up, but it’s also an acknowledgement of the distorted nature of intimacy that comes from communicating complex emotions through a cell phone or email. In a way we learn more about ourselves than each other when we interact this way. Our phones and computers are just mirrors for us to reflect again and again.

In other news, it’s so exciting for us that Closer is now charting on American Top 40 radio. It’s our first time ever! To celebrate, we teamed up with the amazing Pet Collective, to shoot what they call a Petody. It’s a re-creation of the video for Closer, with a cast of adorable dogs! Watch this and just try to keep your heart from breaking for that pug!