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Hang on to the Night Video!

We love Lisa Hanawalt’s work on BoJack Horseman, so we asked her to create our next video for #LY2D – Hang on to the Night!

 “My video was partly inspired by Fantasia (the Pastoral Symphony part with all the pegasi & centaurs!), and also by folktales about the origination of things in nature. A few years ago, I came up with this colossal horse figure who puts the stars in the sky every night and wakes up all the nighttime creatures, and when I heard this song it just felt like the perfect fit, visually. I added a few more story beats – halfway through the video, some humans in helicopters try to interfere because they don’t understand her.  Two cats fall in love and then explode into stars, sacrificing themselves.  I want it to feel a little sad, but also kind of hopeful because you know the cycle will repeat itself the next night.” – Lisa Hanawalt on her inspiration for the video.

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