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Happy (almost) Record Store Day!

Tegan and Sara Get Along Exclusive Record Store Day White Vinyl

Record stores are magical places and we have fond memories of buying our cassette singles and CDs from the knowledgable and super cool staff at our local shops when we were growing up. Now they are our favourite places to connect with our fans when we do in-store performances.

Because of this we are always excited to support Record Store Day, which is coming up this Saturday April 21st! To mark the occasion we have decided to release the live album from Get Along as a special edition white vinyl 12″ LP! This is the first time it’s been released on vinyl, and it will be available exclusively in stores for Record Store Day starting Saturday. It will also be stocked in the US online store for those not able to get to a store in person, starting May 1st.

What stores will be carrying it you ask? Have a look at the participating stores here… and then give them a call to see if they will have it in stock!

The warm sound of a vinyl record can’t be beat, so if you don’t currently have a turntable, hit up your parents or aunts and uncles for one. Or track down an old Fisher Price! Those things were indestructible!