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Hey, I’m Just Like You – Title Track!

Our new single Hey, I’m Just Like You and lyric video are OUT NOW!  Listen and watch at

Lyric video directed by Sarah M Worden.

Tegan and I were dirtbags in high school. Stoned on acid, sneaking out, skipping school, lying to our parents. But we were also having the time of our lives. On acid, Tegan seemed like the funniest, coolest person in the universe. All the animosity and fighting melted away, and we were returned to the original joy of our friendship and delivered back into the wonder of our childhood. –Sara

The drab, flat, concrete sprawl of our adolescence came alive on acid. Teeming with unanswered questions about ourselves, Sara and I experimented as a way to unlock our clenched jaws; jaws wound tight with worry about the future that awaited us after we graduated; a future that felt as bright, and colorful, as the world we saw when we were stoned. After sitting for hours, cross-legged in Sara’s bedroom, we zig-zagged and cross-stitched our voices together, singing our dissimilar confessions to the tape recorder between us to write this song. Arriving at a tale of two sisters who were often at odds with each other, but just as often at ease in the company of the other. As it turns out, we are more alike than not. –Tegan