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LY2D Out Tomorrow!


On the eve of the release of our 8th studio album, Love You To Death, I wanted to take a second to tell you something important.

Nearly every interview I do starts with the journalist asking about two things: my relationship to my sister, and our fans.

Without hesitation I always say I have no interest in being in a band with anyone else. I feel deep pride in Sara’s work and I’m inspired by every song that magically arrives in my inbox from her.

Being identical twins has ensured we stand out, has given us each a built in backup singer, but most importantly it gives us a reason to keep pushing ahead. This is a family band. I can trust Sara implicitly and she knows I have her back all the more for it. And with each new achievement (even just the achievement of writing and recording our 8th record) I feel intense pride that we have done it together.

Next, our fans. I can emphatically say that we have the coolest audience anyone could ever ask for. Without fail you stand behind us, no matter what we do. No matter the style of production we use for our records. No matter where we tour, venues big and small. No matter the wacky clothes we choose or the absurd hair cuts we try out. No matter the mistakes we make, the wrong notes we hit, the lyrics we forget or the rambling stories we tell. You are there. And for that we owe you everything.

So tonight I want to say thank you. 2016 is a different beast than 1999, (the year we put our first record out). People stream music, they don’t buy it as much, which is making this an interesting and truly unique record release for us. As the number of actual record sales becomes less important, your encouragement and presence at our live shows becomes even more so. We could not be happier with how you’ve been responding so far. We’re overjoyed that you’re loving it. Whether you stream or buy or just listen once and move on…thank you. One song or 100, one show or 1000, one stream or a million. We feel you. You are the foundation that built Tegan and Sara. You keep us upright and moving forward. We are eternally grateful for the support, the enthusiasm and the career you have given us. We promise to work as hard as we did in 1999. We promise we are as invested, as excited, and as hopeful as always. We are your band. Forever.

We love you to death,

Tegan and Sara