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Make You Mine This Season Out Now!

We wrote Make You Mine This Season over Zoom with Alex Hope in 2020. We wrote the song for our friend Clea Duvall’s Christmas movie Happiest Season. Our hope was to write something that would be at least as big (I’m joking) as All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey – I literally think Clea suggested we do something similar – so we immediately started to think of how to make a giant pop Christmas hit. Being the OG emo heartbreak queens we are we decided to try and somehow find a way to write a sad but upbeat-sounding Christmas song for the movie.  In the end the final recording is a pop sleigh ride of fun and doesn’t sound sad at all. But we did record an acoustic version that feels slightly more sentimental and sad, and we’ve decided this holiday to release it! STREAM NOW