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more Tiësto and internet Cafés

Hi friends,

Tegan is on vacation and I’ve been left in charge of this weeks announcements. I’m a little rusty, and I’ll admit, a tad nervous to fill her shoes. all that tweeting and blogging she does has sharpened her skills.

I’m incredibly out of the loop and do not currently have the “internet” in my apartment. probably for the best since the temperature hovers near one million degrees, occasionally cooling to a miserable humid chill of 95, and i fear that using my lap top to blog or tweet would only boil my brain.

I write this from the comfort of an internet cafe. Yes, they still exist. I tried the library but apparently all of those were closed in the late 1990’s, along with phone booths. According to the police man staking out the location across from my apartment, they only get used by drug dealers now. Who knew?

So! Here i go! First post of the week! Tiësto! Tegan and Sara! I feel it in my bones! Etc!

Tegan traveled east for the big video shoot this week, a treat since I generally fly west for music related shenanigans!

The highlight of the shoot for me was dancing on camera. It’s an incredibly fine line between what I was doing and actual dancing and I only hope that my awkward seizure of jerking limbs in that dark warehouse while 15 people looked on in bewildered horror/amusement translates to the giant jumbo LED screens used in Tiësto’s live show.

Apparently dancing isn’t like riding a bike. Tegan screamed helpful feedback…”move your hips for christ sake!”. She did much better. I credit her DJ phase in 2006 for the mad skillz. Dancing aside, the video was so much fun and we’re truly grateful to be included on Tiësto’s new album. I hope you all go and check out the show (and the video) when he’s on tour this year.

Below, are some photos of the shoot. Enjoy!

The record is called Kaleidoscope and is out 10/20 via Ultra. Here is the tracklist showing some of the other amazing collaborators.

01 Tiësto (Feat. Jónsi from Sigur Rós) – “Kaleidoscope”
02 Tiësto (Feat. CC Sheffield) – “Escape Me”
03 Tiësto (Feat. Kianna) – “You Are My Diamond”
04 Tiësto and Sneaky Sound System – “I Will Be Here”
05 Tiësto (Feat. Priscilla Ahn) – “I Am Strong”
06 Tiësto (Feat. Cary Brothers) – “Here On Earth”
07 Tiësto – “Always Near”
08 Tiësto (Feat. Kele Okereke) – “It’s Not The Things You Say”
09 Tiësto – “Fresh Fruit”
10 Tiësto (Feat. Calvin Harris) – “Century”
11 Tiësto (Feat. Tegan and Sara) – “Feel It In My Bones”
12 Tiësto (Feat. Nelly Furtado) – “Who Wants To Be Alone”
13 Tiësto – “LA Ride”
14 Tiësto – “Bend It Like You Don’t Care”
15 Tiësto (Feat. Emily Haines) – “Knock You Out”
16 Tiësto – “Louder Than Boom”
17 Tiësto – “Surrounded By Light”

Monday, I’ll be back here at the internet cafe to post album artwork for SAINTHOOD, as well as a track listing!

Off to ice my feet!