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hi friends,

we’re excited to post the new passion pit remixed video for alligator! right here, right now!

also, a few thoughts on the eve of our last show.

columbus, chicago, SALT LAKE CITY!!!!, nashville, denver…off the top of my head, all of you who were in attendance made these shows the best of the year.

specifically, i’d like to thank the front rows of those shows. you cried, you laughed, you sang, you jumped up and down hysterically, you pumped your fists and grinned from ear to ear, and i adore all of you for that. some nights you sang so loud that i seriously wished i had the longest freakishly impossible limbs on earth, so that i could wrap you up and squeeze you. cheesy? maybe, but i mean it!

the rest of the audience behind the front row, also awesome. there were a few nights where i could hardly deal with the energy radiating in sonic booms off of your faces and bodies. we have the best audience. PERIOD.

also, steel train and holly miranda, our fabulous support acts for the past two months. they are some of the kindest sweetest sincerest folks we’ve ever toured with. they absolutely dug in and gave it their all every single night on stage. it was such a pleasure to watch their sets and to see the crowds excited response to their awesome-ness every single night of this tour.

okay, there was one night where we all could have doused ourselves in lighter fluid and then exploded ourselves like firecrackers and no one would have blinked. i will not point fingers at this city, you may or may not have been poisoned during the show and it may or may not have been your fault. i will say, that on that night, post show, the three bands partied like it was friggin’ 1996. i personally ruined one of my favorite shirts of ALL BLOODY TIME with an awful red wine stain because of sheer spastic happy clumsiness. so in a way, thank you weird frozen awkward quiet city for forcing us to lose our minds and dance and drink our weird vibes away.

also, city museum in st. louis. maybe the coolest/most dangerous place i’ve ever been on EARTH. seriously. i went from thinking it was magical to thinking that i was in lord of the flies. but an inner city version with rusted slinky tubes suspended in air. i felt so sluggish and gigantic trying to fight my way through their perilous metal jungle gym that i secretly wished a genie would appear and grant me three wishes. one of which would have been to immediately turn me miniature. kids are just damn wild these days! i need to absolve myself of one thing: i heard a girl yell out “help me i’m trapped”. i did nothing. there was literally NOTHING I could do. i wanted to shrug my shoulders and say “i’m too old and gigantic to help you”. i didn’t say that because i was too consumed by the children crushing my fingers overhead as i dangled while clutching prison like bars above the plastic ball pit (read: war zone)

but seriously, one of the craziest places i’ve ever been. check it out.

i will miss you united states of america, i will miss you steel train, and i will miss you holly miranda and band.

looking forward to the paramore tour in the summer!











all photos by Lindsey Byrnes