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Northshore Video Premiere!

Tonight’s the night you guys! Sara and I are premiering our new video for NORTHSHORE on Myspace right now at!

Growing up Sara and I loved punk rock (still do in fact). Even though our band is definitely not punk rock, I personally try to infuse the punk rock energy into my songs when I’m making new music. Have you noticed? Ha.

When I was writing Northshore I imagined the video in my head. I don’t often do that. So when it came time to sit down to write the treatment I tried to remember back to the moment I wrote that Northshore riff.

These were the things I had imagined:

a) Sara and I rocking out
b) Sara and I dancing around, possibly in a bed room or a room that looked like our childhood bedrooms
c) Sara and I in a room flanked by photos of ourselves from different eras

Guess what guys? Dreams do come true. Tune in now at to see it in flesh…or…live…ha.

-Tegan (and Sara)