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PUFF the Magic Record.

Last month in the studio we ate a lot of Mexican. This week we’ve been eating from the deli at a
community market close to the studio. Tonight we took a walk on the wild side and ordered in Indian food.
My meal was delicious. I ordered the Chicken Vindaloo. Chris got some strange dish I can’t remember
the name of. It looked almost like milk dyed pink with vegetables in it. He said it wasn’t very good.
Before we could stop him he added Cheese Puffs. Sara and Chris posed together for this picture
claiming it actually made the dish taste better. I was doubtful. I remain so. It’s been a few hours and no
one has gotten sick that I know of. Good news all around.

cheez puff surprise
cheez puff surprise

Sara is currently recording background vocals. Let’s tune in and see what’s happening:

Sara “I hate to say this but maybe Tegan should come sing this part.”
Howard “Why don’t we do this, it would be good to have you doing it and Tegan doing it.”
Sara “It’s not easy. It’s out of my range”.
Howard “Let’s do 2 passes of the first chorus and the last chorus. And that being said we don’t really need to focus on the last chorus”.
Sara “If this was my demo I would have sang it once and then copied and pasted it everywhere”.
Tegan “Um. Not on my record you’re not”.