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(r)adelaide, indeed!

Canberra! Melbourne! What fun we had visiting you! I’m sad that we have only a few shows left before we begin our long trip home. Planes, planes, planes. I’ve loved the complimentary lunch/snack on the (brief) flights here in Australia. Today I received a ham and cheese sandwich that had been heated up on a grill and lovingly wrapped in a wax paper bundle. It was adorable!

Not adorable, allergies. They have been wicked since our arrival in Melbourne. However, the 30 minute time difference in (R)Adelaide appears to be doing what our wussy Canadian allergy medicine could not! Future is looking bright for us and our sinus’s.

Tegan is “tweeting” up a storm. She always kindly links to our dot com…so, a gesture of peace,

Sad to see the Vancouver Canucks eliminated from the playoffs, but feeling pretty darn excited about the Montreal Canadians spirited triumph over the Pittsburgh Penguins!!!

Also, what the HECK is going on:

And finally,

Off to explore the city sights,