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shows and shoes

Hello Friends,

It’s been a crazy week but things are finally starting to settle a bit. It’s funny to be almost done with our record. There were moments during the past few months where it felt like it would never end. I have a terrible tendency to wish for things, but once I’m there I wish for the next thing. It really tends to interfere with the enjoyment factor for me. Perhaps you don’t do this? But perhaps you do?

In any case, I have been wishing for the recording process to be over now for a few weeks. I am just so anxious to hear how it all turns out. The date has been set to master the record, meaning the end is near! It’s looking like we will release in the last week of October. The record itself is sounding amazing. We have two mixes done so far and it’s all coming together perfectly. It’s a really great sounding record. The songs are so different and it’s obvious even to me that we have changed, grown and challenged ourselves a lot with this one. It goes without saying that we hope you all will love it, but in the case that you don’t, there are still lots of old T and S songs to enjoy. Right?

The shows in Seattle and Los Angeles were both incredible. I’m hoping to post a few photos but I’m behind so excuse me for a little longer on that. Both shows were SO different. But both were amazing. I am SO excited to start touring. We are finalizing tours in Canada and Europe as we speak. More to come, so the rest of you don’t worry. For now, thank you to everyone who came down to see us in Seattle! And thank you to everyone who came out in LA. The show was insane. Blew my mind. Death Cab for Cutie were wonderful and so gracious to have us on the show. The New Pornographers were better than ever and I was reminded how lucky we are to have them up in Canada. To all the new fans who have been writing me on Twitter, we’re happy to have you! More to come!

Okay. Back on topic. There are new photos taken by Lindsey Byrnes in the photo section.
Tomorrow expect a new video featuring Sara and I and Emy. Our shoes with Macbeth
are back by popular demand and so you can purchase them at stores listed here…

More information on that tomorrow.

Happy summer everyone,

Tegan (and Sara)