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TEGAN IN A BOTTLE – Day 3 million

tegan is drowning in there, we must save her

Today we were a little lost in keyboard world. There was a point where I lost the will to do what we were doing.
Sometimes making a record is harder than I remember it. Even though we have done this 5 times previous,
I care so much about how this one turns out that I think my brain is turning to mush earlier and earlier in the day.
Or its the Allegra I took this morning. Who knows!

Sara started vocals on a song today. I can’t tell you the title but I can tell you that you’ll love the song.
Its VERY different than anything Sara has done, or me for that matter. Think Cassie. Then think, Bahamas.

sara in the studio
sara in the studio

We trust you are all safe and well,

See you tomorrow.

Tegan and Cassie aka Sara