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The hotel new hampshire


still having a blast supporting Paramore! The crowds have been so kind to us and the backstage vibes have been really welcoming! Also had a great headline show in Burlington! Thanks Higher Ground! AND, finally, we had our minds blown at Lilith Fair in Boston! So enjoyed everyone at the festival!

More updates soon, but wanted to direct you here:

and here:

We’re so excited and honored to have a song on the new Margaret Cho album! It was a co-write, and the song features Tegan on drums! We absolutely love, adore and admire her and we’re super excited about the project! Check it out!

Just had a terrific day off in New Hampshire. Big spiders, canoes, death-defying walks along the interstate, lodge coffee, lounging, reading, fish and chip eating, mad men/true blood watching happiness!

Happy August!