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Tis The Season


This week begins the season of sales and holiday shopping!

We are proud to announce some new festive items and a big sale on all our merchandise online. 15% off storewide from Friday to Monday, at both and (use the code TandSHoliday in the Canadian store). Plus free wrapping paper with purchases over $35 and a free holiday card set when you spend $75. Our long time collaborator Emy Storey has been working all fall on new Tegan and Sara items that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

We would be remiss not to also include a list of incredible organizations fighting tirelessly to support important social justice causes and services in the US if you are looking for good causes to support this holiday season. Bustle has compiled an amazing list here and also please consider supporting the people of Standing Rock, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline by buying supplies to help the camps prepare for winter or donating to the medics there.

That being said, we have heard from you all how much joy and relief and solace music has brought you in these trying times and so we want to keep producing great stuff for you.

One of our newest items for sale is a shirt inspired by the song ‘Hang on to the Night’. Written about our own struggles with anxiety and depression, so many of you reached out to let us know that the song served as a comfort while struggling with similar issues. We are going to donate all net proceeds from sales of that shirt to the Audre Lorde Project, to support their community support initiatives for LGBTQ people, including support circles, health and wellness programming, and safe neighborhood initiatives for LGBTQ people of color.



We feel deeply grateful for such an amazing, supportive fan base. Thank you for making our merchandise business a reliable source of inspiration, income and pride. Seeing the scores of vintage designs proudly displayed at our shows each night always reminds us how lucky we are to have had such a long career with an audience we deeply care about.

xo Tegan and Sara