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Westcoast Tegan vs. Eastcoast Sara


I hope you are all well! I was trying to decide over the past few days how to approach this week’s blog. Sara did such a fine job all year, contributing funny, smart, witty blogs and I didn’t want to disappoint. Last night, as I was reading through some of our fan mail it hit me – Q+A! You all had some really great questions! So I decided to pick the most popular questions and answer them here for you today! Enjoy! I did.


1. When you and Sara are not on tour, do you hang out together?

Good question! Yes! We do hang out! But not often. Sara and I live on opposite sides of the country and so we spend a lot of time apart when we are not touring. This is not because there is a secret feud going on, or because we don’t like each other. We just live in the cities we love and those happen to be different cities. Sara loves New York and Montreal. I love Vancouver and Los Angeles. Sara likes snow and extremely hot, humid weather. I like perfect sunny days and clear air and never having to shovel snow. Sara likes crowds and museums and I love the ocean and the sound of silence around me. Sara’s favourite thing in the world is taxi cab confessional and Jersey Shore, while I prefer the ocean and the sound of silence. But when we are together – watch out!

2. When is your new record coming out?

Another fine question! We don’t really have an answer for that yet though. At the present time we are trying to finish up a DVD to be released later this year! We’re also writing and trying to take some time off to recuperate from a busy few years. I think some people imagine we get off tour and just ride our ponies and fly around in helicopters to fancy restaurants all day long. While they are correct in thinking that, we are also working a few minutes a day on new songs. So, I’d expect a record sometime next year!

3. What does Sara do all day?

See above. But also, she loves to read and draw and write poems.

4. Do you live together?

No, see question #1. Sara and I are 30 years old. We know we look younger (not a day over 13 I’m told) but we’re actually old people and we need our space. Sara and I have lived apart for 11 years. When we DID live together it was a magical time. We shared a bathroom and a hallway and when we were 18, a kitchen and living room. Our apartment was quaint and in our mother’s basement. It was small but cozy. Sara’s room was bright red and mine was a soft lavender. Sara liked to sleep in but held down a job while I was more of a “get up early and pace while worrying about the future” kind of gal. Often we would host events together for our friends and play games. One of our favourite pastimes was changing the furniture around – something we’d learned in child hood from my mother. Oh, I miss those days.

5. Do you miss touring, the fans and your road family when you are at home?

I do! I miss the fans a lot. Playing live is an experience that trumps pretty much every other element of our job. But I love to write new songs. Being creative is such a huge part of what we do. I crave time alone and time to create and that is pretty hard to come by out on the road. For the time being I am enjoying my life and my friends and family. The time we have at home is precious and it’s a privilege and we soak it up as much as we can! Soon enough our nomadic spirits will take over though and we’ll be back out there playing for you all and seeing the world!

Tegan Quin
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes