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what'cha gonna do when they come for you?


writing to you from San Jose, CA. today we did an instore at STREETLIGHT RECORDS! as we pulled up we saw hundreds of teenagers and a police car. it turns out people ’round these parts really like disciplinary action against school skippers! thank you to those parents who helped bust their kids out of truancy jail so they could see us perform! and to those of you who camped out since last night, holy smokes…we appreciate your dedication/worry about your safety. big love to you all.

it was our last instore performance of this tour, and i want to say a huge thank you to every single person who came out over the summer. i know so many of you were turned away because of space issues, and that often you were so crammed in you could barely see over the racks but it has meant so much to us and to the stores. we need to support our music communities! these businesses are filled with more than cds and vinyl, there have been bad ass dvd’s (hello criterion collection!) and amazing books and magazines distracting and emptying my wallet at every location. so fantastic! keep supporting these locations!

and to our generous gift giving fans, thank you for all the books, knicknacks, cards letters and stuffed alligators. and for the hugs, tears and smiles we are forever grateful! best audience ever. for real!

we absolutely adore paramore and their amazing fans, this has been one of my favorite tours of the past twelve years. so rewarding!

and finally!

please consider pre-ordering the FENCES record here:

ted and i worked on this record before starting SAINTHOOD. it was my first shot at producing someone else’s music and i had a tremendous time. i love chris mansfield and his heartbreaking pop songs. i’m so proud of him and this album. check it out!

and finallllllyyyyyyyyy! please check .com in the next few days because we will be revealing brand spanking new LINDSEY BYRNES photographs documenting this past summers shenanigans!