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2010 Summer Tour EP


Hey T+S fans!

We’re so excited to announce the release of THE 2010 SUMMER TOUR EP TODAY! The EP has six tracks from the four bands who are touring together this summer on The Honda Civic Tour. It includes two tracks from Paramore, two from T+S, one from New Found Glory and one from Kadawatha. We’ve never done something like this before and we are so proud and excited with the final result.

The two tracks Sara and I included on the 2010 Summer Tour EP are:

SHEETS – Sara and I recorded Sheets during the recording sessions for Sainthood last spring. This track was one of our favourites but we couldn’t fit it on the record. It’s a true Sainthood B-SIDE! Sara and I wrote it together. It’s only the second official T+S collaboration ever released (Paperback Head being the other).

BACK IN YOUR HEAD – Obviously everyone has heard the album version or some remix version but this is a true acoustic version of the song with just Sara and I performing together. The recording is from our latest tour to Australia and we love it!

It is available at TODAY on iTunes (sorry, only in the USA). It will also be available in Hot Topic stores in limited quantities starting August 10. Both are only available until September 26!

Tegan (and Sara)