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Another big week!

Hello Monday!

Sorry to all those in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. We really didn’t mean to scare you by not including you in the initial tour announcement. We are now happy to announce that we will be playing in Portland on April 8th! The ticket pre-sale starts on Wed Oct 21, details and links are on the show page. The pre-sales for San Diego and San Francisco shows also start on the 21st.

In less than a week we will take the stage in Los Angeles for the live debut of all the songs from SAINTHOOD. We are so excited to get back on tour and play the new songs. The response in Victoria was so positive. Playing new songs has really inspired all of us these past few weeks. It’s time to share!

Starting tomorrow morning you can listen to the stream of SAINTHOOD in its entirety on Myspace! For real! No guilt! It’s the worldwide debut of the record and we hope you all love it. Hopefully you’ll all be ready to sing along when we come to a city near you! The stream runs until Friday. We did an interview with the Myspace Music Feed too, they posted that today so you can check it out now at

We have also started our Spinner Takeover today! They are going to be posting a bunch of funny videos of our various antics that we recorded in their studio last month, with something new everyday, leading up to release day on Oct 27th, and with a stream of Sainthood starting on the 26th. Today they posted a preview of all the things to come, so go to

Until next time,
Tegan (and Sara)