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Sainthood social


hello friends! (especially those of you living in southern california)

to celebrate the release of SAINTHOOD, we are hosting a special signing in Los Angeles at Stories book store on tues, october 27, from 4-8pm. We thought long and hard about how many people we could realistically accommodate given the size of the store. We considered the amount of time it would take to sign cds or the rubbers of your sneakers while squeezing in a photo and divided those digits by the square root of day light savings hours. The magic number…500.

In order to get a wristband for the event you will have to pre-order the album at stories bookstore between october 23 and october 27. There are only 500 of these wristbands, and those will be the only 500 people who will have access to the signing and photo taking. I’m over stating this fact because i worry that you may sleep in your mom’s aerostar mini van overnight thinking that if you exhibit both patience and adorable dedication you will get in to the bookstore without a wristband. sadly, no. so if you REALLY want to go, make sure to pre-order the record at Stories and secure a wristband.

the rest of you are more than welcome to have your own SAINTHOOD SOCIALS and post your photos on twitter or facebook or whatever it is the kids social network with these days. i’ll have tegan show me before i place a hot water bottle on my feet and watch coronation street.

see you all soon!

sara (and tegan)