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aussie rules

hello all!

week one in australia has been such fun! i forgot my camera and so i’m posting this series of “i forgot my camera and so i’m using my camera phone” pictures.

festivals were never my cup of tea, but thus far our first couple of dates have gone off without a hitch! plus, watching thousands of people jump up and down made me realize, I WANT TO JUMP UP AND DOWN. and so i did. at both shows. during multiple songs. and that was a first for me! another first: people in townsville really care about safe sex, many prophylactics were thrown on stage during our set on sunday. wowwee!

just finished up two headline shows with the jezabels ( the album is absolutely fantastic and so is their live show. we feel honored to have them supporting the rest of our tour in australia! holy smokes. “easy to love” and “hurt me” both make me want to cry. seriously, buy their EP “she’s so hard”. fantastic.

and, our dear friend andy “astronautalis” bothwell is also supporting our tour. ridiculously talented and handsome. how did we get so lucky to spend our nights watching side stage!!!??

really looking forward to the rest of our dates. GTM festival ( has also been a blast. we’re honored to be a part of such cool lineup! rock summer camp! er…i guess its winter summer camp! but we’re canadian, so it feels like summer!!!

thanks to everyone who is out making this such a terrific tour! i’m forever moved and grateful for our dedicated fan base. a trillion times, thank you!