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Paperback head!

Hello Everyone (especially people who like photos and words),

We have some great news to announce today! As some of you may have heard, our 3 book series/box set ON IN AT has sold out! You have no idea how much happiness and joy it brought to Sara and I that after a year’s work and countless people’s help the books were such a success. Sara and I had no idea people would love the books so much. Seriously. Which is why they sold out so quick. It appears we did not make enough. Oops.

So we’ve made more.

Everyone seems to have loved their box sets but..the one complaint WE had ourselves, that was shared by fans buying the book in person at T+S shows had were….

THE BOOKS WERE TOO HEAVY! And expensive to buy. And even more expensive to ship out to fans around the world.

SO! We took some time with Emy (our design specialist) to try and come up with some solutions to the problem.

Here’s what we’ve done: We’ve made the books smaller and we’ve ditched the box all together. They are now shrink wrapped, with a paper band holding them together and we’ve made the font smaller in order to drop the page count.


Lighter, cheaper and even more sleek looking. And nothing is missing, all the content is still the same!

For those of you who already own the books and are wondering…oh my…should I buy this new set? It’s totally up to you. Your box set versions of ON IT AT are now collector’s editions…so..I guess you could sell them on EBAY (kidding mom) and buy the new set….but it’s really up to you. I would probably just enjoy the ones you have.

There are a few new photos in the ON and AT but…not much has changed besides the size, thickness and packaging.

So where/when can you get them? Well, we felt bad for our friends in Australia, one of the books was especially about them, but they had to deal with the most expensive shipping! Our solution was to have some of the paperbacks express shipped to Aus, so we could have them at our headline shows that start on Monday in Brisbane!

The rest of the order is on the slow boat and will arrive at Maple Music next month. You can pre-order them now at, so you can be sure to be one of the first non-Australians to get them!

So. Thank you again so much from the bottom of our hearts. Sara and I were avid readers growing up and continue to have a deep love for books. If either of us were to be rendered band and music free tomorrow I’m sure we would hole up and start writing our memoirs. Until that time…enjoy ON IN AT Edition #2.

xoTegan and Sara