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Autographs up for grabs!

Dearest T+S friends,

In our continued pursuit to entice the hard earned bucks from your piggy bank, we are happy to announce some new discounted bundles in our online store, and also a ‘SPEND 50 DOLLARS AND GET AN AUTOGRAPHED POSTCARD” campaign! This offer is not valid in the US, Australian or UK store, and supplies are limited so act fast!

Yes, things are tough around the world, and we don’t suggest blowing your wad on anything you can’t actually afford. HOWEVER, if you DO obtain a signed postcard, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for it.

1. Re-sell it on Ebay! Ebay still exists right?
2. Laminate it and punch a hole in it and wear it around your neck
3. Make photo copies and then use them as invitations to your next birthday party
4. Deface it and add to your ironic wall collage
5. Give it to someone you care about who also happens to like our band
6. Get it blown up jumbo size and cut the faces out and then have all of your friends come over and take pictures with their heads on our bodies
7. Regret it
8. Cut it in half and make a Sara book mark and a Tegan bookmark
9. Cut one of our faces out and then put it in a locket and then tell people, “Oh, it’s just an older lady musician that I find inspiring”
10. Send it? I think its a postcard. I can’t remember

Heck! That was fun! More updates and fun exciting stuff in the next few weeks.

Prepare for the return of the ON IN AT paperback 3 book set! They are sailing on the high seas towards Toronto as we speak!!

The DVD is blips away from being DONE. FINALLY.

We are no longer on vacation and have been hitting the grindstone to get a new album of material ready for next year.

ALSO, Autumn is back and I am blissfully happy.

Safe, happy day to you all!