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back to work! holiday over! 2k10! trans canada highway! winter safety pack! flares and woolen undergarments! the future!

like bingo, but better
like bingo, but better

canadian friends!

we’re all filled with excitement about the great white north 2010 SAINTHOOD tour extravaganza! set list meetings, new guitar amps, hair cuts, laundry…i am currently taking a break from selecting the mementos i will decorate my bus bunk with. its three months of touring and so i’ve thought long and hard about which magazine photo from my darling rihanna’s GQ photo shoot to fasten to the ceiling of my quarters. i’m leaving that sentence as is. i <3 euphemisms. of course there are occasional bouts of seasonal blues and some lethargy that i assume is only natural when the bulk of nutrients/sustenance one has ingested over the holidays has come from cookies and a bottle of scotch. but its nothing that a few vegetables and whole foods salad bar can’t fix! i thought i needed glasses but it turns out that one of the side effects of scurvy is dimmed sight!

SERIOUSLY though. we’re excited Canada. it’s been too long. its a stereotype we frown upon, but, we do know a LOT of canadians. consider this equation:

canadian relatives + everyone we went to high school/middle school with + all the kids in our karate/swimming/acting classes = 1/3 of canadians (roughly 10 million)

and to ALL the t+s fans, thank you for the incredible support this year! this will be our biggest (coldest) tour of canada ever! and we can’t wait to see the rest of you around the world in the coming months! watch out australia…announcements coming soon…

look for daily posts and updates and blogs and vlogs and pterodactyls and links and tweets and podcasts and smoke signals etc! 2010 will be the year of viral explosions. (that’s what she said)

++++see you soon!!!!

skq (+ trq)