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m.cho + + sk.cashmere = fun

group sing alongs!
group sing alongs!

Hey T + S fans,

A few months ago one of our favorite comedians,  Margaret Cho, asked us to write a song with her for her new album.  She is outrageously talented and funny and we had never been enlisted for this type of collaboration before! We had met Margaret before, but only briefly backstage at one of our shows in Los Angeles, so we were REALLY nervous!

Sara and I sat down with lyrics that Margaret had written and wrote a song and then we all headed into the studio to record for two days together in vancouver!

Howard Redekopp who just finished co-producing SAINTHOOD was enlisted to record the song and Ted Gowans our lovely and talented band mate joined us as well.

Imagine 10 hours of laughing, singing, eating, laughing, talking, eating and laughing and you might have a bit of a clearer picture of what our two days and nights were like. The song itself turned out amazing. Margaret has a great voice and was so easy to work with and really collaborative! Definitely a budding musician! I even got to play drums and do an improv comedy bit!

A few nights ago she performed the song live at Largo in LA. I saw a video of it the next day, it was awesome! We were able to create a “TV version” of the song so that she can sing her part live while the rest of the track plays backing her up. She did an amazing job. I’ve heard the song now 400 times and I still laugh. While the topic of the song is actually quite serious (the song is called INTERVENTION) Margaret is comfortably able to explore the topic through her lyrics using humor and her heart. Lindsey Byrnes was there to capture the highlights on camera. Check out the photos below. And stay tuned to for more details about live performances and the release of her new album.

I’ve heard a short list of artists who are going to be involved and I feel so excited to be joining such a talented roster of people! Thanks Margaret!

-Tegan (and Sara)

mad skillz
mad skillz