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Body Work Video News!

We are in the studio for day 3 of recording our new record! We are very excited to share all the details with you and will be doing a lot of tweeting, tumbling and FB status updating during the process to keep you up to speed, so if you aren’t already following? friending? liking? us on whichever of those sites you spend your time on, please do! We have lots of surprises in store!

Before we holed ourselves up in the studio, we had some fun doing a little moonlighting. A few weeks ago we flew to Toronto to shoot a video with Morgan Page for the song we collaborated on, ‘Body Work’! It was a very cold day in Toronto and we were shooting in a warehouse converted to a gym that had no heat! So, good thing the video premise was a work out scene in a gym! The incredible crew, dancers, friends and extras helped keep our body temperatures up and I think we captured a really terrific video!

The song and collaboration with Morgan happened a few summers ago and we are truly excited to see it finally making its way out into the world. I sat down in my stuffy humid closet to pencil in vocal melodies and lyrics in early July 2010 and then Morgan and I traded emails with his awesome suggestions and direction for a few more weeks. The final product is something I feel really proud of. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with other artists on projects, and Tegan and I continue to feel grateful for opportunities like this one! We’ve since performed the song live with Morgan and truly enjoyed his supportive fan base and the late night positive party vibe. It really took me back to our teenage years where we would dance all night in random warehouses and clubs. That was of course nearly a decade and a half ago, and now I’m lucky if I can keep my eyes open to finish a chapter of a book after midnight. : )

So! The awesome dance-tastic video for ‘Body Work’ premieres next week! In the mean time, here are some teaser photos!