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Heartthrob Mag and Closer Remixed Vol. 2 – Now on iTunes!


We are thrilled to share two special items that are now available on iTunes!

First, is a digital version of the Heartthrob Magazine! The original physical copy with fold out posters is still only available via our Warner Bros. online store as part of the deluxe Heartthrob bundle, but now you can also download it FREE as an iBook for iPad!

The magazine was one of our favourite merch items we have ever made, it really captured the old school feeling of Heartthrob we wanted to convey and was such a fun project. We are happy to be able to share it with more of you!

Next, we are bringing in a special guest to share the next bit of news! Ted Gowans, our long time guitarist, contributed one of the tracks to the new batch of Closer remixes that is now available on iTunes, so who better to tell you about it!

Remixing a song you’ve heard and played about a thousand times is quite a unique thing to do. Having played this song in every configuration imaginable and sometimes 3-4 times a
day I figured “hey, why not spend hours before and after a show working on Closer some more?” You’d think I’d be tired of hearing it by now right? Quite the opposite. This is what I do
for fun. This is what I do on tour when I have time off. A laptop and headphones have often proven to be the perfect backstage companion. In fact when I started remixing Closer I had
no intention of it being used on the release and really I just saw an opportunity to get into one of the Heartthrob sessions and have some fun messing about with the tracks on one of my
favorite Tegan and Sara songs.

I wanted my remix to be a departure from the way it sounds on the record but I wanted to stick close to the arrangement. Those were the only real guidelines I gave myself when
starting. The most important thing for me was to make sure I was able to get the song that I’ve heard and played a thousand times out of my head and remix it with a fresh approach.
It’s really amazing what you can do with a few samplers, drum machines and hours of time backstage somewhere just outside San Diego. It’s an honor to be included on this record with
so many other great artists and I’m really excited for you to hear it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I can’t wait to see you all at some point next year!


Closer Remixed Vol. 2 – Available now on iTunes!

1) Walla Remix
2) Damian Taylor Remix
3) Ted Gowans Remix
4) C-Ro & Sofa Tunes Remix
5) Davey Badiuk Remix
6) DJ Vice Remix
7) Apparent Motion Remix
8] Daddy’s Groove Remix
9) Florian Picasso Remix