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Important Message About Online Imposters

Hey Everyone!

Due to a few cases recently being brought to our attention, we feel the need to remind you all that Sara and I do NOT have personal Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or email accounts that we use to interact with fans or people that we do not already know in person. We do NOT text with fans from our personal phones nor have we EVER Skyped with fans from our personal accounts. We feel terrible when we hear of fans being duped/led to believe they ARE engaging with us online, but we assure you that this is not real communication with us. Please be careful and take this as our official word that we are NOT engaging with anyone, fan, stranger or otherwise on any social media platforms, text, Skype or email.

It is a disturbing reality these days that people are able to create imposter accounts online and carry on with strangers while pretending to be someone they are not. So please be careful. Do NOT give your personal information to ANYONE claiming to be us or our management unless it is a coming from a verified account such as our OFFICIAL Facebook, Twitter or email accounts. ANY other communication is NOT REAL. DO NOT REPLY!

We can’t protect you all the time so we are trying to set you straight here…we are NOT online carrying on relationships with people we do not know. We respect and appreciate our fans so much, so it hurts us to see you being mislead and taken advantage of.

So please, if you are engaging with someone claiming to be us, someone in our management office or someone in our touring band or crew… assume you are being duped! Stop the conversation and forward any information to our management at We are sorry to those of you who will be saddened to hear this. But we assure you this is the reality. So please take care online.

Tegan (and Sara)