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frogger in india

writing to you this morning from Mumbai. it’s our last day before we travel to New Delhi. it’s been a wild three days. reading back over the emails i’ve sent to friends i realize i’ve become obsessed with the traffic and general chaos on the streets. people here seem unfazed by it and i have a real respect for that. i keep thinking of that game FROGGER i used to play when i was a kid. pedestrians have a fearlessness i have never seen before and i’m grateful that we’ve had the *safety* of a vehicle for the most part. i don’t think i’m quick enough on my feet to keep up! the food has been incredible and it’s been nice to be back in hot weather. we’ve done our best to see as much of the city as possible and today we’re back to work as we prepare for our first concert! a more detailed account of the trip to follow soon…

in the meantime…check this out:

so proud to be on tour with vivek! his reading was really moving in Mumbai and I can’t wait to make musical magic together tonight!