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Hey everyone!

The first single from Sainthood is available today on iTunes, so we are streaming it here right now! The link is above, so go check it out! You can also pre-order the digital version of the record. There are two iTunes bonus tracks, “Wrists” and “Light Up”, and if you do the pre-order you also get “It Was Midnight”!

Call your local radio station and ask them to play Hell so you can listen to it in your car! Unless you don’t drive or even have a drivers license like Sara and I. In which case, you can listen to the stream here and go get it on iTunes.

I wrote the single, Hell, about my neighborhood in Vancouver. The song is actually about more than that though. When I moved into my new neighborhood in December of 2006, the Vancouver Sun had an aerial photo of my neighborhood with the headline “Vancouver’s four blocks of hell” on the front cover. Welcome home, I thought.

The song was also a clever metaphor for my unrequited feelings, for a girl, not drugs.

In the end I got the girl, but the struggle for most people here on the Downtown Eastside continues. I feel just as passionate now, three years later, about the people in my neighborhood and we will be doing some fundraising for the non-profits that provide harm reduction and support services to the area throughout the touring cycle. To learn more or to donate now, please visit the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.