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Ink Blot Factory


Hey Everyone!

The deluxe pre-order bundles of ON IN AT are sold out! We
hunkered down and made the ink blots this weekend. It was a
lot of work but it was so fun. Each deluxe bundle with the book
set and Sainthood cd will have a hand made ink blot signed by
Sara and I and the actual clothes pin that held it on the line to
dry. We hope you enjoy!

There are still limited copies of the books available for pre-order
with our new record! Go to to order one
today! The books are available only at Maple as a part of this bundle.
They will only be offered at shows starting next year if stock
so don’t wait and miss out!

Check out some pictures of us making the ink blots taken by
Sarah Bastin in the photo section. And below is a video we shot
while making the ink blots!

Thank you guys! We appreciate the support SO much!

Tegan (and Sara)