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helping hands!


Tegan and I are both so sad about the devastation and suffering in Haiti. We’d love to help raise money and because we are on tour we’d like to utilize our merchandise sales! You’ve always been a tremendously supportive fan base and we can always count on selling zillions of pins and posters and t-shirts and hoodies. To help us, all you are going to have to do is continue to be as generous as you’ve been all month long on this Canadian tour. We are going to donate all of the money made from sales of all three posters (above) for our entire Canadian tour. We have a big number goal in mind, and we know you can help us meet it! We appreciate your support in advance, and to those of you who have already seen us perform and purchased any of the posters, we’re twice as thankful now, knowing we can put those funds towards helping the people of haiti.

take care of yourselves!