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Important Message About Waiting After Shows

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to write to say a few things here mid tour:

We’re having a fantastic time on this run of shows!!!! WOW! Although it’s been busy (lots of shows, radio performances, interviews and long drives) we are thrilled to be out in support of Heartthrob! Our support act Diana is blowing our minds every night but SO ARE YOU!!! What an amazing audience we have! You guys have been so gracious and lovely and we just appreciate you so much!!!

Although travel/road/weather conditions have been kind of crazy the last week we are truly blown away and so appreciative that so many of you still made it through the long drives, delayed flights, and huge line ups to come to the shows. Who doesn’t love a Canadian tour in March!?!

The response to the new music has been so overwhelming. Never in our wildest dreams did Sara and I imagine all of you loving Heartthrob (and singing along so loudly and cheering more for the new stuff than the old stuff) so soon! What a thrill! Thank you! This record was so important to us, we’re glad the majority of you are getting it!

The last few nights post show there have been people lining up near the buses to meet us. We want to remind everyone that for the past few years we have had a policy of NO stopping or signing post show. We have this policy for 3 reasons:



There is nothing safe or healthy about standing in -15 weather with snow up to your knees until 12am in a dark, remote, empty parking lot to meet us! We are unable to ensure your security in such unstable conditions! This is why we ask you guys NOT to wait out there.


Our crew and band generally start their work day at 10am. They work straight through until the trailer is loaded 14 hours later at 12am. We can’t ask them to stand with us in the cold until 12:30am signing. It’s dangerous, not to mention cold!


Last month we had to cancel shows because Sara fell ill after playing an hour long set in -10 weather. It cost so many fans so much money because of the postponement, not to mention the stress and disappointment we all felt because of the delay. We just can’t let that happen again. Our health has to be a priority! We are working incredibly long days and although we love interacting, chatting, and hanging out with fans – the time to do that is NEVER 12:30am outside a bus in a dark parking lot after a long, long, long day. We hope the 2 hour long show we put on every night is enough and that you can respect our
need to get some much needed rest at that point! We adore you guys but we can’t make an exception to this rule. It’s in place to protect us all!!!

The best way to get an opportunity to meet us is to stay up to date on our website and social media sites. We will always let you know when there are meet and greet tickets offered for a given concert, charity auctions, or chances to win tickets through various contests. We are also working on ways to make it easier for more of you to have access to these opportunities.

Thanks for listening! Take care all of you! See you out there!

-Tegan and Sara