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in the heat of the night


Day three! Summer Tour 2010! We’ve played a couple of shows with Paramore and I’m totally convinced this is going to be a fantastic summer and tour! I really can’t say how excited and grateful we are that we’re supporting this really special band all summer. So thankful to be asked! It truly is giving us an opportunity to perform in front of a really unique and diverse audience. Its also been really fun to be sharing the stage with New Found Glory and Kadawatha! Both terrific bands.

It has been remarkably hot, unlike weather I’ve ever performed in before. I’ve been feeling like a true rock star watching as my hair drips sweat onto my guitar and the sweat from my arms makes it difficult to play with precision. Its like we’re Bon Jovi in the 80’s. Last night at the State fair in Delaware I wore my Canadian tuxedo. This is jeans on top and jeans on the bottom. I think that people were generally confused by me. But I’m sticking to my look. No matter how alien it makes me seem!!! Watch out state fairs…here I come in my seasonally inappropriate get-up!

Paramore’s fans are so sweet and its been really nice to see T+S fans singing along in the crowd too. Good vibes all around! Hayley is a firecracker, and we’re all loving Paramore’s set. Great band! Everyone has made us feel so welcome!

More updates soon!

Tonight is our first headline show, Hesta Prynn is supporting ( and I’m really looking forward to playing a full set indoors~! Hello air conditioning!!!

We had a nice break after Europe, but thank you again to all the fans who came out in June. There were some really incredible moments, including my 48 hours of food poisoning. After the tour I attended Wimbledon. Pimms+ strawberries and cream + Rafael Nadal = living the dream.

So many exciting updates this week…

Stay tuned, stay hydrated!