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Newport here we come!


After a month of terrible weather in Vancouver, I have to say I am overjoyed by the heat here on the East Coast. Everyone is still so well dressed, even in the heat! You people are hard core. Which is why I salute you by wearing this tie.

Okay, now down to business.

We’re in New York! We’re getting ready for our Newport Folk Festival debut this week. Feeling pretty excited to be heading to Rhode Island for the FIRST time ever! Even our mom is excited so we brought her along! You can’t see our bathing suits in this photo but we already have them on in preparation for the Atlantic! We’ve rehearsed with some lovely fellows from New York who will be accompanying Sara and I on bass and piano. We’ll be doing some new arrangements and some old ones too. We can’t wait to see all the bands (there are some great ones) and all of you who are attending. We’ll be blogging on our Tumblr and promise to do our best to give you a few updates this weekend.