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Newport Update!

We made it to Newport!! What a lovely and quaint little place! There was mucho traffic getting here, but we made it!

As it turns out, we HAVE been to Rhode Island before, twice! But my mom has DEFINITELY not been here. Phewff. Our first trip to this lovely state was in 2001 (apparently). We were out in support of our second record This Business of Art.

Rhode Island is adorable and reminds me a lot of the East Coast of Canada. I found a lovely shot of the Newport Folk Festival that I thought you might like, and one of Newport itself for good measure. I’m like the tourism board right now!

This festival is so interesting and has SO MUCH cool history. You all should check it out sometime. Here’s a link to NPR talking about it:

First thing to do tomorrow is check out Gogol Bordello. We toured with them over five years ago on the Ultimate Sunshine Tour with Cake. They were a very difficult act to follow. I had extreme anxiety the entire month. Their show is a circus and Eugene is like a beautiful wild lion on stage. Our show, in comparison, is quite tame. Sara is a bit like a domesticated house cat. Nonetheless, I fell in love with their whole entourage and would watch side stage every night as Eugene or one of the lovely performers on stage would crowd surf on a bass drum over the audience’s heads.

One day maybe I’ll ride the drum, I would think to myself. And so perhaps tomorrow I will.

Until then,

Tegan over and out