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post turkey coma dispatch

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes


Well! What a busy few weeks this past year has felt like (that’s a joke about how the past few weeks felt like a year). I’m finally recovered from our two weeks of GET ALONG screenings around this fine continent and also done digesting two different turkey dinners that I partook in here in the US of A over Thanksgiving. Phewff.

First of all I just want to say how freaking grateful I feel for all of you (and the turkeys). Honestly, even though it’s only been a year since we were out touring properly with all our friends and family and road mates with us, it feels like it’s been a century.

Standing in front of an audience again, sharing our work with you and answering your hilarious and often insightful questions was a privilege! So thank you to ALL who attended!

Another thank you goes out to all the people who preordered GET ALONG! WOW! And to those that bought it the first week it came out, WOW! And for those who are putting it on their Christmas/Holiday wish list, yes more WOWing! Thank you, really! It’s been so fun to share it with all of you. It’s our first real live album, and some of the most intimate films we’ve ever released and we are just so happy to have all of you so excited about it! So thanks, thanks, thanks.

Sara and I are back in our home studios working away at more songs. We’re really looking forward to making a new record now. Our hope is to be in the studio by early 2012 (February or March). We talk all about it in this month’s AP magazine (with Paramore on the cover) if you feel like reading about it.

I also wanted to say that we have some pretty cool new merchandise items coming up soon for the final month of 2011: A Merch Odyssey. We just approved a whole bunch of new shirts/hoodies and we have a big surprise coming too about some demos that may or may not be coming out just in time for Christmas (hint, hint). So stay tuned for updates!

Lastly, there were a few FAQs that I wanted to tell you all about here on the blog. One question we got a lot was, “What is Sara reading?”. Sara is now the OFFICIAL book reviewer for our band. She was asked so many times, but didn’t have any answers prepared so felt terrible about it. SO, she has agreed to do a monthly “reading list”. So keep your eyes peeled for that too!

We also got asked a lot about when our new record was coming out and what it was going to sound like. Truthfully, I don’t really know. We are hoping that if all things go well in the studio early next year, we should have a record out late summer or early fall of 2012.

And regarding what it will sound like…we’re not really sure of that either. We’re meeting with lots of different producers, writing lots of different types of songs, and challenging ourselves to do a lot of really new things within those songs. So hopefully it sounds like T+S but with a whole new element of awesomeness. Right? Let’s hope so.

The MOST frequently asked question (way more than any others) was, how on earth did I get so darn funny and cute. Well, my Mom and Dad made me that way. They both appear in the GET ALONG movies, so check em out! Ha.

Bye for now,