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shake it

hello friends,

writing to you from Cincinnati! oh boy is it hot!

thanks to everyone who came to our in store at SHAKE IT RECORDS! ( such a fun time, and we really appreciated that so many people showed up to say hello! it was cool to be face to face. we do apologize for our genetic limitations (we’re short) and that meant some of you didn’t see much!

yesterday I went here:
truly incredible and overwhelming!

feeling very excited that come September FENCES will be inundating your ear drums:

and finalllllllyyyyyyyy…Tegan will be streaming the HOME RECORDINGS album twice (back to back) and taking questions LIVE on our Twitter page (@teganandsara). Tune in to Because Sound Matters at 4pm EST/1pm PST to hear the demos and talk to her live on Twitter:

having just a great time on tour. can’t say enough nice things about all the people in the bands and crews. it’s just a really terrific summer!!!!